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lets you watch more than 3645 free Internet TV, on demand videos and listen free online radio stations on your PC, Games and Newspapers on World Wide Web. Our live Television channels database is the biggest worldwide. No additional equipment required. Online TV Player support Windows Media Player. You can play most of stream formats in this program. Also You can use OnLineLive as a media player and view your stored music in your hard disk.

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Easily access to all your home PC’s
digital media files from the Media Manager. You can see your photos
and documents
using the Local media viewer. Within the next 5
minutes you can eliminate your monthly cable costs and
drastically change your TV-watching experience for the
better. Watch live sports, movies, news, music videos and thousands of
other programs from the US and around the world!

Our proprietary software technology plugs you directly
into hundreds of worldwide LIVE digital television channels
right over the Internet. For a one-time fee that’s less than one
month of cable or satellite service
, you can enjoy over 3645
live television channels
from around the world whenever you want,
wherever you want all from the convenience of your PC or laptop!

Afghanistan Benin Denmark Ghana Japan Mexico Qatar Syria
Albania Bolivia Djibouti Greece Jordan Mongolia Romania Taiwan
Algeria Bosnia&Herz Dom.Rep Guatemala Kazakhstan Netherlands San Marino Thailand
Andorra Brazil Ecuador Haiti Kenya New Zealand Saudi Arabia Tunesia
Antigua&Bar. Brunei Daris. Egypt Honduras Kosovo Nicaragua Serbia&Mont Turkey
Argentina Bulgaria El Salvador Hong Kong Kurdistan Nigeria Singapore U. Kingdom
Armenia Canada Estonia Hungary Kuwait Norway Slovakia Ukraine
Aruba Chile Ethiopia Iceland Latvia Oman Slovenia Un. Arab Em.
Australia Colombia Faroe Island India Lebanon Pakistan South Africa Uruguay
Austria Congo Fiji Indonesia Libya Palestinia South Korea USA (A-G)
Azerbaijan Costa Rica Finland Iran Lithuania Panama Spain USA (H-P)
Bahrain Cote Divoire Fr. Guiana Iraq Luxemburg Peru Sri Lanka USA (Q-Z)
Bangladesh Croatia Fr. Polynesia Ireland Macedonia Philippines Sudan Vatican City
Belarus Cuba France Israel Malaysia Poland Suriname Venezuela
Belgium Cyprus Georgia Italy Malta Portugal Sweden Vietnam
Belize Czech Rep. Germany Jamaica Mauritius Puerto Rico Switzerland Zimbabwe

“I am using it since 1 year ago, and I am satisfied
with the product’s futures. They are many programs on the market with
TV channels and radio, but this is the only one who offers free movies,
videos, etc. and they are well classified. You can use it too as a media
player and play the music files from your computer and create your on
play list. Beside that, for that money it’s worth to have it on your computer.
I paid once and I am using it every day.”

“Not having satellite television my on line TV allows me to see at a very low price up to date films that are not even on DVD. The site allows me to add to my favourite channels and has a very comprehensive guide to search all the TV channels. It has a rapid response support help desk along with a lifetime of free updates. The site is always being updated with excellent films. It is well worth the money.”