Smart Assistant features:

  • - Easy to use
  • - Stylish and real-notebook-like interface
  • - Additional tool
  • - Quickly and easily search
  • - Ensure the latest version
  • - Multiple information
  • - Secret information
  • - Secure information

One time payment:



Are you tired of the classic but old interface of the PIM software you are using? Smart Assistant is an easy-to-use PIM (Personal Information Management) software with a nice and stylish looking for storing and managing your private information securely. Smart Assistant enables you to maintain a secure personal information, using a stylish interface and full support for plan, agent, tasks/to-do list, contacts list, private passwords, memos, holidays. The information can be password protected and customized in design. Smart Assistant also comes additional features include search, built-in calendar, backup, import/export and more. Bringing great convenience to your work and life, Smart Assistant is indeed an indispensable assistant to you.

Easy to use - Smart Assistant is an easy-to-use personal information keeper. All operations are simple and human.

Stylish and real-notebook-like interface - Smart Assistant simulate the real stylish notebook.

Additional tool - Smart Assistant provides the Notes tool that it can create the stylish notes on your screen for keeping something important. Smart Assistant also provides an Interval Reminder tool to help you.

Quickly and easily search - Smart Assistant can find what you want quickly and easily. You only need enter a phrase for searching, then Smart Assistant will list the results to you.

Ensure the latest version - Smart Assistant comes with a built-in smart update system, you can get the latest version any time and very easily.

Multiple information - Smart Assistant can manage various of your personal information. As a full PIM software, it includes plan/appointment reminder, actions, contacts, passwords, memos, interval reminder and a holidays reminder.

Secret information - Smart Assistant stores any information based on account. Before using it, you must create an account for yourself. The account is protected by the password you specified. All your privacy will never be accessed by others.

Secure information - Smart Assistant provides the security for your data. It also provides the backup/restore and the export/import solutions within the software. And more, Smart Assistant provides the auto backup when exiting.

System requirement:

Smart Assistant works on W7, Vista, XP, 2000, 98